BMA : Black Media Archive
Our Philosophy

The Black Media Archive (BMA) is a multimedia collection of African and African-American history, including speeches, interviews, archival video, movies, music and more. Since 2006, it has existed for educational and cultural exploration as a central resource of black history in multimedia formats.

The beliefs and ideas of many African-Americans, spoken in their own words have been recorded over time and are scattered across different media formats. The BMA attempts to collect, convert, archive, and distribute these important pieces of history through our podcast and website. As an online historic and educational resource, the BMA allows its audience to download and watch, listen, or read important pieces of black history and entertainment. These multimedia files allow our audience to review, and critically think about these overlooked or unseen pieces of American social record. Each episode allows for a better understanding of our history, important figures, American attitudes towards its black citizens, and African-Americans' attempts to counter these attitudes.

It is our belief that online resources such as the BMA will contribute a great deal to future educational opportunities. Too often African-American history is overlooked in school classrooms and curricula. The BMA allows its audience to explore, and educate themselves about their culture and heritage. Please download the episodes, think for yourself about their creation and meaning, and follow up by reading and asking questions about the people and topics featured in our podcast.

Thank you for making the BMA a successful resource for the African-American and global community, and we hope to continue to serve educational exploration and cultural pursuits into the future.

The Black Media Archive is a not for profit entity. The information provided herein was obtained from sources believed reliable; however, our organization makes no guarantees, warranties, or representations as to the completeness or accuracy thereof. The presentation of all media and information is intended for research and educational purposes only.
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